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SILENCE REIGNS by Alexander Aizenshtat
Alexander Aizenshtat has created a substantive collection of new paintings in the Kingdom of Bahrain celebrating Region’s rich cultural heritage under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with continued support of His Excellency Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa. Part of that astonishing collection is exhibited in RARARES Gallery Dubai.
● On Display: 8th of May - 18th of July
● Venue: RARARES Gallery, Zone C, Gate Avenue, DIFC
4 exceptional artists: Marina Baisel, Katya Emelyanova, Evelyne Brader-Frank, and Kartini Thomas – invite you to enjoy the beauty and inspiring experience which is reflected in their sculptures.
● June 2024
● DIFC Sculpture Park
About Us
(Former Boccara Gallery) is a space where art, culture, and beauty converge to create an immersive and inspiring experience.
“Rarares'' comes from the Latin word “rarus”,
which signifies rarity and uniqueness. It embodies our commitment to showcasing works of art that captivate and mesmerize,
each a testament to the extraordinary.
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Previous Exhibitions
Dialogues open new horizons through the language of art. Speech, pauses, silence, and gestures are the point of collision of different ideas and concepts
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Art Breakfast
We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Art Breakfast with exceptional sculptor Evelyne Brader-Frank (Switzerland)
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(now RARARES Gallery Dubai) is pleased to welcome you as one of our guests at the VIP preview of a solo show by Ruslan Gudiev “Evolving Aesthetic”
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Evolving Aesthetic
At RARARES Gallery, immerse yourself in
the exhibition “Textile art through the years,” which showcases one of the most important and prestigious collections of modern and contemporary European tapestries and artistic rugs
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Textile art through
the years
RARARES Gallery Dubai is more than just a place to view art; it is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the unbounded human spirit. It is a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and bring people together in appreciation of beauty and excellence
Ghaleb Hawila, Arabic Calligraphy Artist,
was born in 1992 in Borj el Chemali, Tyre,
south of Lebanon. He studied Graphic Design
as an undergraduate and then…
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Ghaleb Hawila
Mathias Masarati Hagen, also known as MA$ARATI (b. 1991), stands out as an extraordinary Norwegian artist who distinguishes himself on both a national and international scale...
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Alexander Aizenshtat is the founder of
a new art movement in the fine arts world
— metaphysical expressionism…
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Alexander Aizenshtat
The reduced-abstract sculptures made of stones, bronze or steel by Swiss Canadian artist Evelyne Brader-Frank (*1970) are a celebration of life...
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Evelyne Brader-Frank
Katya Emelyanova (b. 1984) is a multimedia artist, photographer and sculptor. Her practice addresses the phenomenology of the aesthetic effect mediated through art objects...
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Katya Emelyanova
Marina Vaskina (creative pseudonym Marina Baisel) is an artist, designer and gallerist.
She is an honored graduate of British Higher School of Art and Design…
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Marina Baisel
Immerse into the world of talented artists represented by RARARES Gallery and be inspired by their stories and visions
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